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Soya Hellas was founded in 1976, in Athens, Greece. Since then, our company enjoyed continuous growth and today stands as a leading Greek industrial and trading company in the food and agricultural business.

The continuously modernized industrial complex in Psachna, Evia, is engaged in the processing of oilseeds, the refining and bottling of seed oils and olive oil, the production and packaging of margarines and vegetable fats, as well as the handling, storage and trading of grains. The plant’s port facilities, offer competitive advantages of lower transport and handling costs.

The main asset, however, of our company is its highly qualified and skilled personnel, which guarantees the quality standards of our products and services.

Our customers

The variety of products and the high level of reliability, quality and services of Soya Hellas, enable the company to supply a wide range of customers:
a. the food industry,
b. the animal feed industry, the aqua culture, the livestock producers and
c. the chemical and bioenergy industries.

Our values

In Soya Hellas, we have safeguarded that the code of ethics and the values of healthy and fair business conduct, inherited from our founders, are transmitted and shared among the new generations of managers and employees.

Our goal is to face the contemporary challenges with flexibility, innovation and high corporate social responsibility.

Our commitment is to pursue our goals with the highest level of respect for the protection of the environment and with dedication to the human values and needs.

Last but not least, our aim is to maintain long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers, based on mutually appreciable values and practices.